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Free yourself from vaginal infections

The first pill to offer vaginal immunity. All natural. Designed with computational biology.

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What they say about Elibra

TAra M.
I finally stopped worrying about yeast infections"
Laura K.
Such a relief, such a great feeling to be free"
Angel G.
It's gone! I feel like myself again"
No Recurrence
End the vicious cycle of repeated vaginal infections. Antibiotics and anti-fungals hurt the beneficial bacteria and lead to recurrence. Elibra protects and helps the good bacteria, and fights only the bad ones.
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Vaginal Immunity
Yeast infections

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Vaginal Immunity
Bacterial Vaginosis

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How Elibra works
Take Elibra once a day

We made Elibra a no-brainer: one daily pill, only natural compounds, no side effects.

Your vaginal microbiome shifts to a healthy state

Our computationally designed formula selectively targets only yeast and pathogenic bacteria.

Your vaginal microbiome stays healthy

Elibra makes it harder for harmful bacteria to grow back while also making it easier for beneficial bacteria to grow faster and protect against the harmful bacteria.

Live a life without vaginal infections

Do anything: wear what you want, eat and drink what you like, spend time at the beach. Just don't worry about vaginal infections again.

Good for you and your microbiome
all natural ingredients
non gmo
gluten free
our science
Reprogramming the microbiome:
A new approach to treat and prevent vaginal infections

With the most advanced understanding of the microbiome, we discovered compounds that shift your vaginal microbiome back to a healthy state, and keep it healthy. We rigorously tested our compounds to demonstrate their effectiveness against yeast and vaginal pathogenic bacteria, and in boosting Lactobacilli, the beneficial bacteria.

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Elibra shifts your microbiome into a healthy one
disease causing bacteria
harmful bacteria
non-harmful bactteria
beneficial bacteria
Dysbiosis, an imbalance in the microbiome

In dysbiosis, the microbiome is composed from many types of bacteria and yeast, both harmful and beneficial, and that composition changes frequently. In dysbiosis the disease causing and harmful microorganisms are ruling, leading to vaginal infections, as well as increased risk for Sexually Transmitted Infections and pregnancy complications.

harmful bacteria
beneficial bacteria
Eubiosis, a healthy and stable microbiome

Elibra was designed to shift the microbiome into a healthy one. In a healthy microbiome, the beneficial microorganisms dominate and make up most of its composition. These beneficial microorganisms protect the vagina and fight off disease causing and harmful microorganisms.

* These graphs are examples of specific microbiomes. Each vaginal microbiome differs, while the same principles apply.

Say goodbye to vaginal infections, for good
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Our story
We know women’s health
I'm Mirella, co-founder and CEO, and I'm on a mission to finally give women the solutions they deserve.

We are a group of experienced pharma executives, OBGYNs and computational biology researchers. We were bothered by the years of lack of research and innovation in women’s health, and decided to change that.

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